Thinking, feeling, wishing and acting


In our opinion, readiness for school is more than intellectual maturity.

It is the result of all skills and achievements that a child has acquired in his/her development so far.

Therefore, through the pre-school education besides social competences (like independence, personal initiative, the willingness to try new things, resilience, or frustration tolerance), we especially promote mental skills ( in Language, Literature, Mathematics, Technology, Media, Environment) as well as physical skills (in Sport, Movement, Rhythmics, Health).

Since children in England already go to school at five years old, four year olds can already be exposed to similar teaching methods and contents in a playful way.

So pre-school learning does not begin only in the last year of kindergarten. Instead the „Pre-school children“ should have the possibility, within the group, to find subjects which are in accordance with their age and special interests.