A safe haven for the little ones


SUNRISE International Nursery is a privately run childcare facility.

It is situated on the ground floor of a recently built (2010), detached building in enclosed grounds of approximately 500 m2, providing a large outdoor play area and a vegetable garden. The facilities are spacious and provide us with a group room, measuring 43 m2, a sleep room of approximately 25 m2, a large kitchen, a cloakroom, an office, toilets for children and staff and a large hallway.

Our target group

We cater for children between 1 and 3 years of age from bilingual English/German families and German-speaking families looking for small groups dedicated to helping them raise their children bilingually or speaking English.


Our nursery can accommodate 12 children.

Childcare staff

  • 3 trained educational specialists (one of whom is a native English speaker)
  • 1 freelance specialist (music)
  • A cook
  • A cleaner

Healthy food

The children are offered a high quality, balanced diet with fruit and vegetables straight from the Manhart’s farm. The warm midday meals are freshly prepared daily by an experienced cook in-house. We also provide breakfast/snacks in the morning and a small afternoon meal/snacks..



The admission of a child requires a planned procedure and many arrangements between the parents and the nursery. Only in this way can a trustworthy relationship develop between the parents and the teacher.

The admission should be designed so that there is enough time for all concerned to get used to the actual situation and gradually build up new relationships.

From the child’s entry to the kindergarten the caregiver prepares a written profile of the child for the teacher, in which the daily routine, characteristics and individual needs of the child are listed.

That way the teacher has in advance an insight into the habits and needs of the child and can use this knowledge in the pedagogical practice.