Our philosophy

We see each child as a whole,


This holistic view of the child is especially important in the first few years of life:

Children do not distinguish between thoughts, feelings, desires and action; they are all interrelated and one very much affects the other. This holistic approach also means recognizing each and every one of the child’s needs: the need to be loved and accepted, the need for physical care and attention, the need for confirmation and stability of relationships.

To respect each child in each of these aspects we seek to

  • give the child time (to play, to develop and to have needs met),
  • address the child as a whole,
  • treat each child as an individual, and take everything he or she says seriously

According to the slogan „Education from the Start“, we encourage basic competence through pedagogic work in selected areas of learning, with emphasis on the English language.



Not only personal skills such as self-confidence and self-esteem but also especially mental, motivational and physical talents will be encouraged.

Besides the family and the environment, our institution provides the habitat for encouraging the development of the child’s personality. This takes place in a community in which the child can build relationships.

  • between people
  • his/her environment
  • and him/her self

Through targeted encouragement and support in the entire development of the child we contribute to

  • widening the child’s range of experiences
  • making use of his/her abilities
  • forming his/her socio-emotional, physical, cognitive and cultural competences

Qualified kindergarten work also requires contact and exchange with other institutions.

Through our network, we cooperate closely with the „Sozialnetz Würmtal-Insel“, the „Arbeitskreis der Kindergärten im Würmtal“ and the Grundschule Krailling. The work of the kindergarten should also be visible to the general public.

This takes place through excursions in the area

  • touring a dentist’s office
  • touring the fire station
  • visit to a farm
  • visit to a library
  • or shopping with the children