Bilingual English and German

Language Learning & Language Awareness


All our employees are native-speakers. Each of the groups are cared for by two pre-school teachers – one German speaking and one English speaking.

Each teacher speaks only in her own mother tongue with the children. Through the concept „one person — one language“ a natural bi-lingual atmosphere is achieved. This helps the children to appreciate and learn both languages equally. Both languages will be taught immersively. This  means that both languages are teaching, every day, conversation and play languages. The Immersion Method – this full „immersion“ in a language, also known as „language bath“ – and having native-speaking teachers in both languages allows the children access to the rational, emotional and cultural dimension of the language to which it is aimed.

Scientific examinations have shown:

  • Several years of immersion learning leads to almost native-speaker mastery of a second language
  • An intensive language bath promises great success before starting school
  • The development of the mother tongue is not influenced negatively by immersion learning

  • Besides acquiring a new language, the immersion method encourages, for example, the general mental development of the children
  • Language awareness, creativity and thinking in alternative problem-solving
  • With the immersion method the foreign language is used playfully, intuitively and naturally