Our location in the garden city Gräfelfing


SUNRISE KITA – International Kindergarten, Pre-School & Nursery, is a privately operated day-care centre, located west of Munich, in the town of Graefelfing.


Our kindergarten in Gräfelfing is situated on the top floor of a recently built (2010), detached building in enclosed grounds of approximately 500 m2, providing a large outdoor play area and a vegetable garden. The facilities are spacious and modern.

The nursery is situated on the ground floor. The facilities provide us with a group room, measuring 43 m2, a sleep room of approximately 25 m2, a large kitchen, a cloakroom, an office, toilets for children and staff and a large hallway.

Our kindergarten in Gräfelfing is situated on the top floor. The facilities provide two group rooms, each measuring 34 m2, an activity room measuring 32 m2, a large kitchen, toilets for children and staff, a cloakroom and a hallway.

Our target group

We cater for children between 1 and 6 years of age from English and German speaking families looking for small groups dedicated to helping them raise their children bilingually or speaking English and for pre-school education to optimally equip their children for school.


Our facility can accommodate 33 children in Gräfelfing. We offer two different aged groups: “Ladybirds and Lions”.

The „Ladybirds Group“ for three and four-year olds and the „Lions“ for four and five year olds. This division will be removed in the teaching situation (e.g. Pre-School Group „Wise Owls“) or in the project work (all ages) or interest-oriented lessons.

Our nursery „Turtles” can accommodate 12 children.